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    NATYA DHARA 2020


    Natya Dhara is a theatre festival showcasing young directors’ theatre productions based on classic literatures. It will be held at Satkahaniya, near Santiniketan, Bolpur. It is a three days event comprising both outdoor and indoor performances. There will be allied seminars, dance & musical performances as well. In an interesting venue like ‘Tepantar Natyagram’, we welcome you all to experience not only the exhibition of theatre but to live in the midst of artistic environment in the lap of nature. 

    A Performance By Prabir Guha in NATYA DHARA 2018

    || VENUE || 

    Natya Dhara will be held at Tepantar, an interesting venue of Bengal.


    Tepantar is a sprawling four acres, lush green campus, far from the bustling metropolis. It is the abode of a group of theatre practitioners, Ebong Amra. Tepantar is about 175 km from Kolkata, at Satkahania village of Purba Bardhaman. It is a self sustained campus where the group members practise farming, dairy and pisciculture.
    Tepantar offers ethnic cottages and dormitories with all basic amenities to visitors amidst unparalleled peace and tranquillity that is disturbed only by the chirping of birds.
    Located strategically at the centre of a vibrant cultural circuit, visitors may anchor at Tepantar and make day trips to several Cultural Tourism destinations like Santiniketan, Joydeb-Kenduli, the Kantha embroidery hub of Nanoor, the Dokra metal craft hub at Dariyapur, and the wooden dolls hub in Natungram.

    How to reach: 

    From Panagarh to Tepantar is 20 kms and from Santiniketan it is 23 kms. Nearest Bus Stand is 11 Mile. Staying arrangement in mela is at theatre village itself.

    Where to stay?

    One can stay at the beautiful well furnished cottages within the premises of Tepantar. There is accommodation for more than 100 persons.

    || PLAYS || 

    ~Padma Prabhritakam (The Lotus Consent)~
    Script writing & Music: Sayak Mitra
    Artistic Director :
    Piyal Bhattacharya

    Original Text- William Shakespeare
    Performance Text/ Design/ Direction- Kallol Bhattacharyya
    Light Design- Priyabrata Saha
    Music- Chanchal Bagdi, Uday Bauri
    Duration-    80 Minutes
    Language- Bengali/ Non-Verbal


    An Experimental theatrical performance of Theatre Shine
    (First time based on the thought of Malala Yousufzai)
    Duration — 80 min
    Written & Directed by — Suvojit Bandyopadhyay

    ~Behula Lakhindar Pala~(The theme of this human puppetry is based on the story of ‘Manasa Mangal)

    Team:Birbhum Sanskriti Bahini, labpur
    Name of director : Dr Ujjal Mukherjee

    ~Ghore Ferar Gaan~-In Search of an Address 

    Written & Directed by — Probir Guha

    Music- Subhadeep Guha

    ||  TOURISM || 

    Culture is way of life. It shapes our beliefs, customs, arts, and unique identities. Bengal Repertory celebrates these subtle nuances through tours woven around culture. We promote cultural destinations of rural West Bengal offering an experience of heritage and traditions of rural life. It is done through active partnership with local communities, ensuring economic benefits and strengthening their community identity and pride. It results in increased local ownership. Tourism here is a great leveler and culture the sap of sustenance. Thus Natya Dhara will help us to develope a stronger bond with our own deep rooted local culture to get explored internationally.

    3N/4D tour package

    On February 28th 2020 the tourists shall arrive at Tepantar and will be enjoying this multifaceted theatre festival  and look around   Satkahaniya. On March 2nd,  the tourists will be returning back.

    Contact: +917003701370

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