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Regd.- S/1l/51827 NGO DARPAN- WB/2017/0152824
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    Natyadhara 2020 Plays : Padma Prabhritakam

    Set in the city of Ujjain, when the spring is in bower, the play begins to unfurl the journey of a messenger, travelling through numerous nooks and corners, allies and lanes of the city, carrying a Praabhritak (a token of love) with him. As it so happened that Muladev, the king of Pataliputra, in spite of being in a happy alliance with his wife Devdutta, falls in love with the doe-eyed damsel Devsena, his own sister-in-law. Stricken by the pangs of separation, lovelorn Muladev sends a Vit to Ujjain, as a messenger, to carry a lotus as a sign of his offering of passion, to be given to Devsena. As our Vit, Samvatsar, enters the domain of performance to perform the task and takes an entwining journey of the city, he being a curious man of wits and keen observant of various societal misconducts, sheds lights upon them, especially for the spectators, and questions or passes sarcastic comments to bring those issues in open which were supposed to stay under the rugs. From there, the play begins to roll. 
    Our Vit enters the domain as a Sutradhaar, invokes the guardian deity and the thread-bearer of cosmic time, Mahakaal, and explains the gist of the play including the end, in a nutshell, in suggestion. Soon enough he transforms himself from Sutradhaar to Samvatsar Vit and begins to troll into the town. He comes across a galore of interesting characters and his witty verbal twists and turns keep everyone enthralled. 
    The story takes us through various facets of society and sheds light upon many issues which is usually less discussed, but Vit takes it up with ease. 
    It blatantly opens up the hypocritic attitude of our society towards the prostitutes, whereas the society leaves no chances go to take benefit from them. In laughter and playful mode, we receive an important message from the old stage-actor – Nata-dharma or the dharma or the ultimate duty of an actor is to perform and entertain others by enlightening them. Thus, through the supposed light mood the play conjures a serious inner- atmosphere within the viewers and leaves room for pondering within them. 

    || The Team || 

    Sutradhar / Vita Sayak Mitra 
    Natya Kutapa Pinki Mondal, Rinki Mondal, Shatabdee Banerjee, Manjira Dey, Shreetama Chowdhury, Amrita Dutta, Ruminti Jana Mondal, Moumita Shakhari, Subhendu Ghosh, Rudra Prasad Roy, Soumodeb Hui, Rishav Chakraborty & Piyal Bhattacharya 
    Costume design Piyal Bhattacharya, Moumita Shakhari 
    Set & Prop design Subhendu Ghosh, Pinki Mondal, Moumita Shakhari 
    Script writing & Music Sayak Mitra 
    Artistic Director Piyal Bhattacharya 
    Spacial Guide Sangeeta Gundecha, Usha Ganguly 
    Light design Soumen Chakraborty 
    Research team
    Text material : Rakesh Das, [Associate Professor of Sanskrit, Ramkrishna Mission Institue,Belur] 
    Library & Research Work : Deep Ghosh 
    Text Guide : Dr. Tanmoy Kumar Bhattacharya 
    Graphic & Logo Design : Sachin Gaonkar 
    Prop Making : Rushikesh Panchal 
    Special Thanks Pelva Naik 

    || Photographs ||

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