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Regd.- S/1l/51827 NGO DARPAN- WB/2017/0152824
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    ||About The Group||

                        Bengal Repertory is a non-profit making; multi-disciplinary cultural organization working with a vision to nurture traditions and to inspire experimentation in the field of performing arts for last nine years. Its major aim is to train and create audience through dance, theatre, music, literature and visual arts. 
    Our basic goals are-

    •            To cultivate the practice and make productions on Indian Classical Dance (Kathak), Theatre, and Dance-theatre as our regular activities.
    •        To study & research in different sectors of performing arts.
    •        To run training programme in Dance, Theatre, Recitation, Yoga & Body Preparation Process of the performers.
    •       To arrange workshops, camps, seminars on different themes related to performing art.
    •        To do publications of literary and academic works related to performing arts & culture. 
    •        We have a dream-plan to run a performing art institution for the underprivileged and promising students who want to sign in the field of performing art.

    ACHIEVEMENTS:           Along with regular theatre activities and production process                 Bengal Repertory is running its Kathak based dance training and recitation training programme for last eight years. And from the very beginning our students have been performing outstandingly 
                                        in different cultural programme as well as competitions.

                                        Our dance director Ms. Ritusri Chaudhuri is a well appreciated                                                        dancer all over the country and abroad.
                                        Mr. Suman Saha is the artistic director of our theatre section.
                                        Repertory’s first play production “ASHWATTHAMA” (written                                                   by-Manoj Mitra) was well appreciated by the audience. It was also                                                invited by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi to present in                                                           Young Directors’ Festival.

    Our first dance-theatre production “VASANA- the design of                     desire” has got standing ovation at every performance. This                    production was also invited by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New                       Delhi, to present in Nritya Pratibha festival.

    Our another dance-theatre production was MANAN- “let our                    minds improvise”. Both VASANA & MANAN was invited by                Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre.
                                      AAHVAHAN – the invocation of space is a choreography work                                        of ours and we have  performed it at Habitat World, New Delhi; at                                                    Garden of Five Senses, organized by Delhi Tourism; at Times                                                          Kolkata Festival.

    Repertory has produced 'Katha Karnabhar'(play), an adaptation of Bhasa's 'Karnabharam' in the year 2008, and it was presented at 'Natya Parva Festival' organized by Sangeet Natak Academy, Delhi. 

    'Natya Dhara' a one day theatre festival was organized by the group in the year 2009.
                                        Krishna -the man alone(play) was produced by the group in the                                                  year 2011

    'Tanu-Tantra' an interdisciplinary dance production was produced by the repertory and which was performed by Ritusri Chaudhuri and Leah Caurtis at 'Khajuraho Festival' in the year 2012.

                                       'Ashwatthama -the war machine' is the latest theatre production                                                  of the repertory and we have just produced newest dance-theatre                                                    production named 'Aradhika' (2016).
                                        In June 2017 we have presented an evening ‘Samsadhan – an                                                              evening of classical expression’ comprising an experimenal solo   
                                        Kathak performance by Ms ritusri Chaudhuri and a dance-theatre        

                                        piece ‘Tanu-Tantra’ Dir by Mr Suman Saha.   

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