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Regd.- S/1l/51827 NGO DARPAN- WB/2017/0152824
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    Natyadhara 2020 Plays : Behula Lakhindar Pala

    Behula Lakhindar Pala
    (The theme of this human puppetry is based on the story of ‘Manasa Mangal)

    Puppetry is a great tradition not only of Bengal but also of all over India. Once in rural Bengal, there was a popular puppet show called ‘Putul Nach Pala’. But now it has become an extinct culture. We have tried to bring this obselete form on stage with an innovative idea.

         The theme of this human puppetry is based on the story of ‘Manasa Mangal’. Here the goddess of snake is Manasa who wants Chand Sawdagar to worship her.But Chand Swadagar does not get agreed with Manasa’s proposal. So,Manasa conspires against Chand Swadagar. In the mean time Behula,the Daughter-in-law of Chand Swadagar, appeases this rencounters. Actually Behula,the heroine of this drama, represents bengali rebellious women.This eternal woman who has been constantly trying to establish peace age after age  in our society.We  do want to explain this idea by using the extinct folk form on theatre stage. Here all the artists play their role as string puppet. It was started from 14th September 2007 at Labpur.This show staged popularly in Bengal and beyond Bengal like Jharkhand, Meghalay, Kerala.It is my earnest desire to
    disseminate this indian folk tradition through out the country. Lastly I cordially convey my deepest gratitude to all my well wishers and co-travellers of my long journey.

                                                                                        Ujjal Mukherjee


                                                                         Birbhum Sanskriti Bahini, Labpur
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