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Regd.- S/1l/51827 NGO DARPAN- WB/2017/0152824
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    2nd Natya Dhara 2018

    The project is titled as ‘Natya Dhara’. It will be a 4-day Theatre Festival showcasing young directors’ play productions based on classic literature.
    Performing Art has a close relationship with literary artworks and so theatre has the same. Many a dramatic (play format) literature became classics in due course of time and on the other hand theatre practitioners from all over the world selected non-play literature for their stage productions too.

      Natya Dhara will be a theatre festival showcasing Young Directors’ drama productions based on Indian as well as world classics. The recognized young directors from different parts/ zones of Bengal as well as the country will be invited to present their works. Recommendations from the masters/ maestros/ senior practitioners/ scholars have been sought for the final programming of the festival.

    Natya Dhara will be held in an interesting venue of Bengal. The said venue is a art campus inside a village area of Bardhaman district. It will be a 3-days event comprising both outdoor and indoor performances. There will be allied academic and entertainment events like seminar, folk dance & music as well. 

    Plays curated (as of now):

    The Director
    The Play
    The Group

    Shubhodeep Guha
    Understanding Macbeth
    West Bengal/ Bengali
    Alternative Living Theatre

    Suman Saha
    West Bengal/ Bengali
    Bengal Repertory

    Partha Gupta
    Ara Baha
    West Bengal/ Santhali
    Birbhum Blossom Theatre

    Kallol Bhattacharya
    West Bengal/ Bengali
    Ebong Amra

    Deepro Majumder
    West Bengal/ Bengali

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