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    The Book: Ashwatthama-The War Machine

    Ashwatthama the war machine is now available in print version for the readers... 

    Front Cover

    Ashwatthama -the war machine
                 (Original Bengali Script With English Translation)

    By : Suman Saha & Rik Amrit
    price: 80 rupees/ 5$ only

    It is very hard to find satisfaction in the process of developing a theatrical piece, especially when it comes to the making. Because we think the actual art of theatre lies in the rehearsals and not exactly in the staging. And that’s where the difference lies between theatre and films. Whenever the initiation comes to mind to produce or direct a play or write one, the primary things that challenge the mind first is how to make it massive, what will be the reaction of audience, what they are expecting, what can be the new ways to entertain them, but not for the play: Ashwatthama –the war machine.
    Back Cover
    It was a very troubled time for the world when we first conceived the play. The assassinations of contemporary bloggers and professors of Bangladesh and India were taking place. The Peshawar school massacre shook the world and we believe that it is the duty of media-art to maintain the balance of society by reflecting its gestures back. We were trying to trace out the root of this kinda intolerance. We reached to the time of The Mahabharata. Found Ashwatthama. Found the interpretation: A state is just the machinery of developing the powers of the rulers, and we like Ashwatthama, the instinct driven creatures, are the units, tools confined in that machine. But we hardly found any script that dealt with this interpretation rather than portraying the character merely as an epic one. So we started building a new script, where the sound will be more important than the words, where the vision will be more important than the image. We had to develope a script to perform rather than to write a dramatic literature without compromising the language. We revisited the treasury of our traditional literatures, modern classics to develope a contemporary text, and it was a challenge for us when the audience is not so accustomed with this stylization. The complete Bengali script is based on ‘free verse’. Hence our journey started with the training, which we found required mostly to be taken care for the performance.
    Ashwatthama -the war machine is based on one of the basic human instinct, vengeance, and how it makes a person so blind that he cannot differentiate things inhumane, in a socio-political background. Ashwatthama –the war machine declares that 'the state is only a strategy, the hidden source of the power of the rulers'. It is a journey from the epic to the recent Zihad and fanaticism. It is very sarcastic that the state (GOI, MOC) has resourced the fund for the production to communicate those dangerous words. We would like pay our gratitude to our elders Shri Manoj Mitra for his script on Ashwatthama based on the Souptik Parva, Shri Rajshekhar Basu for his famous Bengali translation of The Mahabharata, Shri Dharamveer Bharati  and all the audience and critics who have appreciated our effort.
    We are in the process of creating new audience, and also to train the existing visitors for the new theatre of Bengal, of India…
    Suman Saha                                                                                                                        Rik Amrit

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