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Regd.- S/1l/51827 NGO DARPAN- WB/2017/0152824
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    Tanu-Tantra -A Dance Theatre Promo

    Tanu-Tantra is a non-verbal performance revisiting the sristi-sutra. The yatra, of a cosmic cycle from its very begining to the end get reflected through our body as well, in the process of its first spandan to last breathe.  
    Like all other living beings human body is also constitued by Pancha-tatva, Indriyas, Pravritti(Instinct) etc.. But what distinguishes humans from the rest of the nature is our ability to imagine reality. What really makes us unique is our manas (imagination). The Upanishada visualizes our deha or tanu as a compound of five containers, i.e the annamaya-kosha(the container of food), the pranamaya-kosha(the container of energy), the manomaya-kosha(the container of memories, emotions and imaginations), the bijyanamaya-kosha(the container of beliefs, logics and ego) and the anandamaya-kosha(the container of realization). These five containers experience the process of a cosmic cycle through its journey in this physical world. Tanu-Tantra is a physical-poetry portraying an episode of the time defining from the vindu to visargah.

    So it is a journey of deha or tanu, as well as a journey of self through the deha or tanu and beyond it...  

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