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Regd.- S/1l/51827 NGO DARPAN- WB/2017/0152824
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    This dance presentation is going to be based on ‘deha-tattva’ that is the philosophy of spiritual succession through the process of purification of the human body –mind-soul as laid in the practicing doctrine of tantra-yoga.

    The understanding of body geometry, body kinetic is very important in any kind of physical art including dance, whereas the chemistry of human body, its magical functions, its critical relationship with the mind and the ultimate surrendering to the soul, these are the fundamental points to be searched and explored in this dance project and the dancers will be doing the same using their cultural stream and obviously the forms they belong to.

     This presentation is going to be an ode to the fundamental philosophy (mool-tattwa), on which ‘Khajuraho temple’, the wonder of Indian aesthetics, was established/ founded.

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