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Regd.- S/1l/51827 NGO DARPAN- WB/2017/0152824
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    Synopsis of the play:

                Karna-Katha depicts the painful conflict of Karna’s life. The production begins with Karna, his chariot-wheel stuck into the ground at the end of his life. Then we turn with flash back and see Kunti with an urge to bring back her eldest son and gets refusal from the dutiful tragic hero.
              Afterwards Karna and Shalya come with a preparation of battle but Karna feel broken and deprived. He remembers the curse of his guru Parashurama, the real story of his birth and all the deprivation he has earned in his life. However, Karna comes out of his sorrows and inspire himself to go to the battlefield but in the meantime Devraj Indra comes in dressed like a Brahmin and begs for great alms. Karna offers many a precious things but Indra refuses. At last he offers his ‘Kabach-Kundal’ which were by born with him to protect his life; now Indra gladly appreciate cause he intended to get the same according to Krishna’s plan to assure Arjuna’s victory over Karna. The ever exploited, wretched Karna now goes towards his ultimate destiny.  

    Director’s note:    

                It really touched me at the core of my heart when I read Bhasa's Karnabharam. Karna I think is the character I always wanted to work on with a strong anti-romantic fascination from the very beginning of my regular theatre practice. All my feelings, attachment and inclination towards this tragic hero came to me at the age of 14 from the lyrical play of Tagore that is "Karna-kunti Sambad" which I have been reading for last 15 years. When I learned "Karnabharam" I saw the same ever exploited hero, the point of inhuman conflict and hamartia leading him towards the unavoidable destiny.
                In "Karnabharam” we just get an information through Karna's line that Karna's real mother Kunti told him not to attack or kill his own brothers (Pandavas)but I just want to underline that Karna's own mother who left him immediately after his birth to guard her honor, came to him with the political plan to take him away from the enemy's side and anyhow refused by Karna. This I think will bring the essence of Karna's conflict out at its extreme.

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