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Regd.- S/1l/51827 NGO DARPAN- WB/2017/0152824
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    Aradhika -the dance theatre

    Sri Radhika -her journey from a woman to a Goddess, a Devi, leads her to be the insperable image of Sri Krishna -Aradhika. This production has its inner force depicting Sri Radha's solitude and not she herself. Her pain for her beloved whom she once met but never got is fraught with danger.

    "This Devotee of the Lord Stood beside him; her love for her beloved got transformed even in the next thousands of years through her devotion. Not the continuous worldly pleasures, the earthly contacts, the regular meetings but the immense languishment, her sorrow her tears struck my mind for the making of this production", says Ritusri Chaudhuri, the choreographer of this production. Radhika probably never wanted to be the Goddess of Love, she personified a devotee awaiting for her lord.

    The inner pathos, the melancholy of the life of the lady of Barsaana got transformed into a strong devotee while the emotional lover within her was uplifted to an ethereal delicate spirit. The departure of her lotus-eyed lover to Mathura, her separation finally led to the merging of both the souls. She could feel the omnipresent everywhere. She could easily quench her thirst of search by saying 'Hare Krishna' from 'Where is Krishna?'.

    This voyage from being Radha to Aradhika can be interpreted as a trans-formative journey as a whole. Her pain for her beloved whom she once met but never got, led this sad journey.

    ...Aradhika -the dance theatre has been adorned with nuances of kathak dance, Abhinaya or bhava, pure dance techniques of kathak repertoire and alternative dance movements which has been deeloped by some psycho-physical process and theatrical aesthetics.

    The music of Aradhika has been made with the influence of various Hindusthani Ragas in different forms like alap, dhrupad, khayal, thumri, bhajan and kirtan.

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